Sunday, February 17, 2013

SacMQG Meeting

Yesterday was the SacMQG Meeting and as I always I come away impressed. Luckily Rebecca had her phone ready and snapped a whole bunch of pictures. It was really fun seeing out meeting come to life on instagram and flickr.

Yesterday I shared my zigzagged quilt.

@jenniffier quilt from the #sacmqg meeting today, beautiful quilting Jennifer:-)

I am still not quite finished, but it is so very close to being done.

There were some really fun projects this month. However, my favorite was Rebecca's Saltwater Quilt.

My saltwater quilt at the #sacmqg meeting today.

Now it might be my love for Tula Pink fabrics that swayed me. Or it maybe that I really enjoy Rebecca's work.

Plus we finished up our Madrona Road challenge.

I didn't finish mine. I forgot what size I had originally made the blocks so it was kind of hard to finish. Maybe someday I will just start it over with larger sized blocks. Silly me.

Well that and I have been so busy quilting my zigzagged quilt.

So frustrated with my sewing machine right now. It has been snagging thread and being annoying. So I cleaned everything for the second night in a row changed my needle. It was looking good and sounding good until snap. When the brand new needle. Luckily i

Plus the fact that I was dealing my machine wasn't behaving a couple of nights that I haven't done any piecing.

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