Monday, February 18, 2013

Zigzagged Progress

It has been one busy month of quilting. And when I saw quilting I mean free motion quilting. I have been wrestling the zigzagged quilt through my machine. I have been posting many pictures of this progress on instagram and some of those pictures are what I will share now.

It all started here on February 9th with stitching in the ditch of the zigzags. I didn't want to lose them in the quilting process.

Quilting away

Followed by the start of FMQ that continued on and on and on.

Hubby took over my TV so I am at it again #quilting

During this time my machine and I got in a couple arguments. She had a few good cleanings and adjustments.

So frustrated with my sewing machine right now. It has been snagging thread and being annoying. So I cleaned everything for the second night in a row changed my needle. It was looking good and sounding good until snap. When the brand new needle. Luckily i

I also went through 4 needles and over a spool of thread. 

Empty spool and the end is in sight #quilting

But luckily the quilting is done. I had two good friends (Suzie and Gus) test out the quilting out and say that it is good to go. 

Suzie and Gus tested and approved. The # quilting is done! Now time for binding

Now that I have wrangled the quilt back from them it is time to work on to binding. I am hoping to have this quilt done very very soon so I can start something new :) OK fine so I can work on my projects I have already started and my bee blocks that are due this month. 

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  1. How big is your chevron quilt? I am working on one as well and I am apprehensive about trying to quilt it on my Janome because the throat on it is small, but I see that yours is as well so I guess I no longer have an excuse! :)

  2. Can't wait to see the whole thing finished!!

  3. I think it is beautiful! Love how the quilting turned out! Glad it was approved :-)

  4. The sneak peeks look good! can't wait to see the whole thing. :)


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