Monday, March 4, 2013

Missing my camera... I mean I am grateful for

Right now I am missing my camera oh so very much. I am getting really tried of not so fantastic Samsung Galaxy 3 photos.

My samsung galaxy phone

Don't get me wrong it has a nice camera to go with it, but it isn't my camera. Plus everything seems a bit blurry. I think I move too much. Look below to see what I mean.

 My broken camera  is currently being repair. And it is what I really want back right now.

Dropping your nikon D7000 is a bad thing . This happened saturday.

Not that the crack is even what is getting fixed. It is the lens and the filter screen and that needed to be repaired. I am just impatiently waiting for it to come back from the repair shop. It is probably going to be 2 - 3 more weeks. I asked for the camera back as soon as it is ready, even if the lens isn't, but we will see.

I mean I could take pictures with my Nikon CoolPix but it likes to make everything orange unless I use a flash or it is bright outside (see top photo). However, I always quilt at night so that isn't going to help me too much.


Now after sharing my sadness in missing my camera, I am feeling a bit spoiled. The last one I did get for free, but still. I do own a nice phone and a couple nice cameras and I should stop b****ing about not having the specific tech  I want to play with right now.

I know when I am being spoiled I need to remember what my dad told me when I was a teen, "Be grateful for what you have, because all you really need is food to eat, a place to sleep, clothes on your back and a family to love.  You my dear have all of those, and that is more than a lot of people have."

So instead of complaining. Lets go with this... I am grateful for...

Having a loving husband who often buys me all the fun tech that I want, puts up with my quilting habit, and so much more. 


My two loving pups.

Suzie and Gus tested and approved. The # quilting is done! Now time for binding

And probably most importantly for having a healthy happy loving family. My little family are the three above, but there is also my brothers, nephew, niece  my sister-in-laws, parents, in-laws, gramps and so many more that make up "family" to me.

Of course there are all my friends, coworkers, and everyone I have connected to through this blog and the rest of the quilty blogging world.  All of these people are a great support to me and are truly why I am spoiled. So thanks all. I am grateful to you!

So the question is what are you totally feeling spoiled about and what are you grateful for?
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  1. Também te agradeço por me deixar fazer parte desta conexão.Parece que estamos perto,a cada postagem,e cada comentário ficamos mais próximos,não importa se temos oceanos a nos separar...milagres da tecnologia.Abraços e Bençãos a você e sua linda família,daqui de longe eu torço por seu sucesso.Ps:sou brasileira.

  2. I totally agree with you, somtimes I'm a bit spoiled but there are so many things to grateful about. I'm also grateful for my husband and my two doggies, the best little family.

  3. Jennifer I totally know how you feel. I had a Nikon Camera that I just loved and used often and it was stolen! Stolen Mind you. Oh how I missed that camera. Insurance paid for a replacement and even tho the replacement Nikon was superior in some ways I still missed my 1st camera. it wasn't the same. After camera's went digital I started using Kodak and have upgraded yearly and now I can't get Kodak's anymore. Oh I still have my 5 or 6 Kodaks and still love my last one but now I upgrade recently to an Olympus. It's a great little Camera but not the same as my Kodak. (I tucked my Kodak with all its accessories away just in case) LOL so I get you!


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