Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sew Thinky Thrusday - Favorite Kona

I have been playing along with Sew Thinky Thursday day. Each week a new question is asked.

This weeks question is:

What is your favorite color of Kona Cotton*? How much of it do you keep in your stash? Is there a solid that you always find yourself running out of? 

This one is an easy one for me. I really like... 

KONA Berry
kona fabric image via

Ok it may be because it just happens to be my favorite color. However, it is not the solid that I mostly have in my stash. 

Mostly I have ash, med gray, pdf bleached white and white. 

kona colors
kona fabric images via

I also have a lot of moda bella solids. I actually like them a bit better. I just like the texture of the fabric better. It just doesn't feel as stiff to me. Especially the white and pdf bleached white which I have lots of in my stash. 

I also only have a moda bella solids card. I would love a kona card too. It would make it much easier to play  with my fabric with.

However, I am very lucky to have a fabric store that carries most of the Kona colors so I can just go there and try out the colors with my fabric. Where as with moda bellas I have to usually order those off line.

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  1. My favorite Kona for is snow. but I really like Bahama Blue.

  2. the color that I always keep is white or snow - I love all the other really neat colors though but not that I would keep yards of but bits and pieces

  3. Currently mine is Chartreuse. I am making a black, white Ash, med grey, and chartreuse quilt. I found a chevron in these colors and I am making blocks to coordiant. Beautiful! I also love all the blues, they are fantastic.


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