Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday + a trip to So Cal

I did make some progress this week. Not much but some is better than none.

I was able to make one of my bee blocks. 

The missing u block for my Sunday morning quilt bee

and I was able to cut out a new quilt. 

Making progress

The lack of progress this week was due to going to a wedding in Southern California.

We left Sacramento on Friday afternoon to drive to LA. Well Valencia, as that is our home town where our families still lives. We stayed at his parents house the first couple nights. 

Making the long drive down to LA from Sacramento

Silly me forgot to bring any embroidery to work on in the car. However I did get some lovely pictures of the drive. 

Pretty rolling green hills. Normally when we drive through they are golden. Gotta love spring.

Goodnight sun. See u tomorrow.

Then on Saturday we attended a LA Kings game. My husband is a huge hockey fan - well a huge fan of the LA Kings to be specific. 

Enjoying the LA Kings game with my hubby!

The best part was they wore their vintage jersey, which just happen to be my favorite color. Well that and they won :)

The LA Kings are even wearing my favorite purple sweaters.

Then on Sunday we attended the wedding. 

Randall and I at Jessica's and Shaun's wedding.

On Monday we had a moment of recover before driving the 9 hours home. 

My view as I recovered from Jessica and Shaun's wedding. Thanks Debbie and Randy for the hotel room it was a much better idea than driving home last night.

I really wanted to take this exit to Disneyland - but you know that whole work thing.

I want to take this exit and go to Disneyland but we have to be reponsible and drive home.

I may have even had a slight tantrum... a foot stomp may have been involved, but luckily at that point Randall was driving and he kept us on our way. Plus we did get have lunch with my parents back in Valencia before making the rest of the drive up to Sacramento. We even picked up the dogs last night and reality is back to normal again.

Hopefully I will get some sewing done this week. Maybe even tonight. We will see :)

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  1. You & your hubby were looking fabulous at the wedding, girlfriend!

  2. Hey! I live in Placerville...not too far from you...we should have lunch sometime and talk fabric!


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