Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A little more organized

Yesterday I decided to clean up my sewing room. It was/is a little bit of a disaster area.

Tackling my sewing room mess today.

I cleaned out my closet and my sewing table and then I decided to get to work on my scraps. I was going to sort them into 6 plastic drawers that I used to use in my classroom. I spent the longest time deciding between sorting by colors and sorting by size.

Early today my husband told me he thinks I just go in my sewing room dump out all my fabric and roll around in and toss it in the air like its money. Looking at this mess he might not be that far off! Back to organizing my scraps. #ABeautifulMess

When I asked my husband's opinion, I was told just throw them all in one basket and call it good to go. After a bit of conversation I stated  in a matter of fact tone, "You have no idea what goes on in here!" His reply was that he is pretty sure that I just dump out all my fabric on the floor, roll around in it and toss it up in the air like money (imagine the duck tales cartoon from way back when) and then put it all away again. Shh... don't tell him but, looking at these piles he might be on the right track.

Last pile of scraps to sort.

I decided to go by color. However, there was one little problem. 6 drawers and 9 colors to sort by (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gray/back, white/brown). What is a girl to do but head to Target? Excitedly I wandered my way into the organizational isle only to figure out they no longer make the type of plastic drawers that I currently have. Darn company change the design on me. This little discovery left me in a bind, again. I may have had a slight tantrum in said organizational isle.

Making process in scrap sorting.

Later, as I talked to my mom about my dilemma, I realized I only use six of my nine drawers stacked on the other side for fabric. In a genius type moment, I decided to switch which drawers I use for what. Many hours later and sorting 3 boxes of scrap piles I was able to sort through all my scraps.

Phew scrap sorting done. Too bad the rest of my sewing room isn't looking that nice. Oh well. Calling it quits for tonight.

Now my cutting table is still a disaster area but at least my scraps are all sorted.

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  1. Your scrap organization looks very similar to mine, and I hate to tell you, but I think I add a new bin or two for a new color category about every 8 months. Luckily they make more bins, and Target is never too far away!

  2. Yay for you! I love having stuff sorted out and find it very inspiring... what would we do without plastic storage? lol

  3. Good for you! Love your scraps. I can still keep them "under control" in little plastic bags in bigger IKEA ziplock bags. Don't know how long I can keep this up with all of the fabric I keep buying. LOL!!!
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  4. Love the Duck Tales image -- my husband thinks I di the same thing. We have a shop we go to when we are in Raleigh and they have a 40 gallon tote of shop scraps to do grab bags out of and I usually end up dumping it in the floor around me to sort through it -- last time he asked if I was doing it just to roll around in the scraps. Love your organization of colors and if I had the room to devote I would love to do mine similarly instead I currently have an under the bed divided shoe organizer and that works but I can't just go and get some scraps I always have ot pull out the whole thing and that's getting kinda old quick.

  5. If my husband only knew...

  6. Whenever I am working on a project my workplace turns to be really messy, I'm doing my best to be more organize with my stuffs. I really wanted to decorate my workplace like one of those haberdashery stores which are really cool.


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