Friday, May 10, 2013

Finished some more bee blocks

Phew I finished 2 more bee blocks today.

The first one is for the Make it Modern bee. Sarah requested a very fun somewhat advanced paper pieced star.

Make it Modern bee block for Sarah

Ok since it was only my second attempted at paper piecing that may have something to do with it being advanced for me. If you want more info on it visit Sarah's blog.

I also finished the sample for my month for Sunday Morning Quilt Bee. In this bee we are all requesting blocks for the Sunday Morning Quilts book. This month is my month so I asked the ladies to make a block based off of High Five from the book. High five has two blocks little 5 inch log cabins and a big 9 1/2 inch log cabin.

I asked my bee mates to either make a 16 patch of the 5 inch log cabins.

Sunday Morning Quilt Bee My block

Or make 12 5 inch log cabins and one 9 1/2 inch log cabin placed anywhere in the block. Tessophia (one of my bee mates) choose to go with the big block in the center. 

Hi5 block for Jenniffier  and Jaden

This one is going to be an extra special quilt for a co-worker/friend's son Jaden, who was in a terrible accident in March. You can check out his facebook page if you want to know more/send good thoughts his way... He is making great progress in his recover and even started talking again this week. He gets to have a trial run home for Mother's day and I sure that makes his mamma super happy. 

SHH about it though. I want it to be a surprise and I do know that a few of my co-workers / shared friends of this family occasionally read this blog so SHHH! 

As for my bee mates I asked them to make the blocks say boy.  Tessophia added that some fussy cut prints would probably add some interest and stimulation. I didn't have very many things that I could fussy cut, but I did add some butterflies, bees, spiders and a lion to mine. Such great ideas she had and I am so grateful for their help in making this special quilt. 

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  1. It's looking great, Jenniffier! I'm sure Jaden will love it!

  2. Will be a really special quilt for a very special boy.

  3. Great work And a very special project, all the best to you and to the young man in his recovery.

  4. Pretty block, Jen - and I love the High Five blocks. That's going to make a fabulous quilt! Whoop whoop!!

  5. Love the star block! Paper piecing is not my forte either. I find it's getting easier with practice though :)

  6. I know he is going to love that quilt! It is gorgeous. Also, thank you for making my block. It looks beautiful.


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