Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Class Day on Craftsy

I just found out about this. Craftsy is having a free class day and it is only going on for a little while longer. If you have never taken a class from Craftsy today is the day to try one for free. They are offering select classes that are valued up to S39.99 for free. 

It is great offer for any who likes to create things. Not only do you get a free class but you could also help with a donation to donors choose to help fund classroom projects. I looked at the class list and there are classes for quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, baking, cakes, chocolates and metalsmithing. 

And let me tell you as a teacher who has received funding through donors choose this free class day is even more special because if they reach 10,000 new Craftsy students today and they make a donation of $5,000 to I know when my projects were funded it was fantastic, my kids were super excited and they have gotten so much out of the items I recieved. I am sure that if Craftsy hits thier mark by midnight MDT which is just a little bit away it will make some classrooms in need very happy. 

If you miss the free classes tonight don't despair there are always some great free classes on there and once you sign up for an account you  get newsletters when there are sales. 

PS. Not a sponsored post I just like Craftsy and as a teacher I know how much business contributions help donors choose fund projects for classrooms. 

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