Saturday, June 1, 2013

How does your garden grow?

Each morning I wake up and take the dogs out to do their business. Usually this is a kind of zombie like walk  that doesn't amount to taking much notice to much of anything in the backyard. However, this morning I saw these big bright beautiful flowers popping out of my zucchini plant. Even in my dazed state I had to go take a closer look. They looked amazing and their are even a couple zucchinis down in there.


Looking at this plant made me wonder about the rest of the garden.


I feel like my plants still seem kind of little for this time of year, but the weather has been so crazy and I have been planting in stages, so I am not too worried.


My tomatoes are doing very well.


This one even has some little tomatoes stating to grow.


I also have a little pepper coming in on this plant.


And of course the zucchini. It has another zucchini friend next to it, but we only planted that a few weeks ago. So it is just starting to come to life.


We are in the process of adding some drip line to water while we are on vacation. That has been a process for sure. All I know is that I am looking forward to trying my veggies later in the summer.
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  1. Looks wonderful Jenn! I'm planting cherry and regular tomatoes for the 1st time in years this spring... but we are so far behind that I wonder if I'll have much luck with harvesting anything. At any rate I'll enjoy watching to see!

  2. Hi Jenniffier!!
    Your garden looks amazing!! I usually have mine all planted by Memorial day, but we have had so much rain and cool temps that my plants are begging to be planted and we haven't even been able to till the garden or work it up due to rain, rain, rain. I am so excited to see your garden doing so well!! Love all the beginnings of your veggies, tomatoes, peppers! How exciting!! Enjoy!!


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