Friday, June 7, 2013

Super cute Sidekick Tote

I am really excited to have this tote finished. Surprisingly I finished in less than a week. I guess when I have a deadline I am much better at staying on task.I used the sidekick pattern by NoodleheadAnna's pattern was easy to follow and pretty clear. I made this tote with a gray/black linen, purple solid and Kaffe Fassett glass print.

Finished sidekick tote

Now this is only my second bag, not including pouches, that I have ever made. So some of the directions took awhile for me to figure out. That was more my lack of knowledge that how the pattern was written.

Finished sidekick tote

I did make an adjustment and add a key fob. I am always losing my keys in my purse.

inside of Finished sidekick tote

My favorite thing about this purse is that it can be converted into across the chest bag, which will be perfect for me in Hawaii.

Finished sidekick tote handle extended

My second favorite thing is that my iPad fits in there, which means I can carry the my iPad on the the plane. I already checked and there is plenty of room for my phone, wallet, embroidery, inhaler, and some snacks. There was even room left over.

inside of Finished sidekick tote ipad fits!

Overall I am very happy with the way that my new purse turned out. Since I can't wait to use it I will be transferring all my stuff to this bag before going out today :)

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  1. it turned out so well, jenn! nice to have it come together quickly. the key fob is a perfect touch; i have the same problem.
    i'm not normally a big kaffe fasset fan, but this print is fantastic. pairs well with the chambray body.
    where are you going in hawaii?

  2. what a great bag! details, pockets, adjustable strap and all. congrats on a great finish.

  3. This bag looks great! I always wear my bag across me so I don't bang one of my kids in the head with my bag. Usually my purse is pretty heavy so it could really pack a punch just free flying around. Is this a free tutorial or a pattern? I am going to check it out because someone took a pair of scissors to my purse strap, and although it's okay for now, it will eventually snap and I'm going to need a new one. I'm glad you shared this! Have fun in Hawaii!!! I used to live there when I was in the Navy and want to take the family there for vacation sometime soon!

  4. What a pretty bag! Love the combination of fabrics!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com

  5. fabulous! The linen looks so great with the print!

  6. Love it - your choice of fabrics is brilliant.

  7. What a fun bag! I love that color linen. Visiting from Lily's Quilts. Nice to meet you!


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