Sunday, July 14, 2013

How does your garden grow?

This year mine is growing like mad. Since we knew we were going on vacation this year, we added a drip line to our square foot garden and it took off.

When we got back from Hawaii it looked like this.

Garden after Hawaii

Then we we came back from Texas, it looked like this. It seems each time I look away it is making huge leaps and bounds.

Oh my garden. Another week away and it has just taken off. Can't wait for everything to grow and ripen.

The great thing about our garden this year is the bees seem to be visiting. Last year they really didn't visit, which means we had big plants and not very many fruits. So far this year almost every plant has a fruit on.

Which means I was able to I harvest our first big batch for us. I mean we have been harvesting a whole bunch of zuchinni, but I am glad that we got some other items too.

Yummy treats that i just harvested from my garden.

Our neighbor had been harvesting our garden while we were gone and I am very glad for it. I am happy that she was able to enjoy of garden and the food did not go to waste. She said that everything was very yummy and I have to agree.

I am looking forward to everything continuing to grow and ripen. Do you have a garden? If so how is it doing this year.

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