Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Adventures in Kauai

We had so much fun on our Hawaiian adventure. I shared our pictures from Maui, but it took me a bit longer to go though the pictures of Kauai. Which is actually really funny because, we took maybe a third of the amount of pictures that we took in Maui.

We spent a lot of time driving around the island in Kauai and exploring. The first place we visited was the Kilauea Lighthouse.

Kilauea Lighthouse

Which happens to also be a bird sanctuary. I had a lot of fun seeing the birdies. 

Kilauea Lighthouse

While we were on that side of the island we visited secret beach and the lava pools.

Secret Beach and Lava Pools

Kauai was super green. Every where you looked it was bright green and oh so lovely.


I think that my favorite thing that we did was our trip to Waimea Canyon.

Waimea Canyon, Kauai

We also got to see it from the other side on our Na Pali sunset dinner cruise with Captain Andy's

Sunset Crusie

I highly recommend it if you get the chance. Great food and awesome views. 

Sunset Crusie

We even stopped to see a pod of spinner dolphins. I tired to get better pictures, but those little guys are super fast. 

Sunset Crusie  - Spinner Dolphins

The final thing we did in Kauai was a Wailua River Kayaking and Hiking Tour. 

Wailua River

I found out I am not a Kayaking type girl... all I could think of was how I did not want the kayak to flip over and me end up in the river. That was especially an issue after my husband flipped me out as he was trying to get in... It was shallow water then, but still I was panicked the whole way back and my arms were so tried I wasn't sure I could even swim if it did flip over. At least that is what was going through my mind. 

Waterfall Kauai

I do have to say though the water fall was amazing that the kayak/hike tour took us too. We even got to swim in its pool and go under the waterfall. 

Well there you have it... our Hawaii trip. If you want to see a whole bunch more pictures of Kauai I have lots up on flickr and our other pictures of Hawaii  are on there too.


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