Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Super busy

I never understand how I can be so super busy during the summer. It is just mind baffling for me. I mean I am teacher I don't even have to go to work every day, but the summer just zooms by.

Hells to the yes

I know I enjoyed part of my summer staring out into the ocean. Which I am very much missing right now.

picture by Mirelle Carmicheal Photography

Attending the beautiful wedding of my sister in law and her new hubby, which by the way her photographer did such a beautiful job on all the pictures.

Barton Springs Austin

I understand that some of the time was taken up by visiting my brother, sis in law and nephew in Texas. I even got to swim in a Barton Springs in the rain... brrr.

Thanks to both my mom and my mother in law I was able to use my bday money to score some nice #baremineralsmakeup a new makeup brush and some fun samples

I don't know maybe it is that everything seems to take so much longer for me in the summer. Getting dressed today took me 2 hours. I did take a bath and play with my new makeup (b-day money finally spent)...  I don't know if I ever told you but I have this slight thing for make up. My makeup collection maybe almost just as bad as my quilting collection. I also followed a pinterest tutorial to do my hair. However still two hours is a lot more than my normal 30 minutes 45 minutes at max.

Developing 21st Century Learning Through Digital Storytelling with iPods Part 1

The worse part about all this is that I have been working over the summer too. I know you are thinking... but you are a teacher. The sad thing about that is I attend professional development training during the summer and I teach professional development training too. However the good thing about that is extra working means extra money which means more quilting supplies and of course makeup. I guess what made working this summer "bad" is the fact that my router decided to go out and my luck with technology has been making this process so my less enjoyable. The ironic part is that yes that is a technology training that I am working on.

I had planned on doing more planning for the school year but that really hasn't happened. Looking at the calendar I have 3 weeks left and summer is over for me. I need to get a move on all my projects if I want to accomplish anything this summer. But first, off to another training.

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  1. Looks like you're enjoying the summer, Jenniffier! It is always too short, isn't it?!?

  2. I don't know how it's gone so fast either. I can't seem to get half of what I do during the school year this summer.

  3. I'm on my last week of summer myself and I can't believe how quickly it has flown by either. It looks like you've had a great one though!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. Love your new make-up collection. Sounds like you are having a good summer even though it has gone by too fast!


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