Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Been a bit busy

OK, lets just start with yes I am still around. Have you noticed me missing? Wouldn't blame you if you didn't. I know I wouldn't have missed anyone these last couple months. Ever since Google reader went away I just haven't really been reading blogs. Thanks to everyone who kept stopping by while I was gone, I appreciate the traffic and it part of the reason I am coming back to write again.

So you maybe wondering why so busy. Well lets just take a picture walk. I think my craft room says it all. Now you may want to look away, but lets be real here.

Craft room exploded

Now you are probably thinking what the blank happened there.  Well that is called craziness of life and laziness of closing off a room and ignoring it. Well that is unless you count dumping more of the last 3 months of your life in to it.

So, let's take a closer look at some of the most important items and what they are all about.

Teachers Helper

Well first and forth most I went back into the classroom this year. I went right back to 4th grade. However, it has been a rough come back so far. I wouldn't think one year out of the classroom would cause such a disruption to routine, but my goodness, how did I get everything done. One little year as a student learning coach rather than a classroom teacher and I am lost. How does that happen.

Love and Logic

I am trying to use love and logic, but some days are much harder than others. This group is an interesting one, so many nice kids, but the talking.... Oh my gosh the talking. And the roaming the room... really who just gets up and walks around the room in the middle of a lesson. Oh yeah the about 1/3 of the class with some form of ADHD and ADD. Sometimes I feel like there are a bunch of prairie dogs in my room (pop up, look around, tap, talk a bit, duck back down... repeat)... Phew, what a trying day that leads too.

Leadership Institute

Another big change for me is I got accepted to the SCOE Leadership Institute. I am working on my administrative credential. Just one year on the other side of the fence and I decided that I liked it. I liked working with teachers and helping out students, so I decided to get my administrative credential and work on becoming a principal. I have finished my first class and I am loving it.


Oh and here is some work in progress from when my dad had open heart surgery. It ended up being a quadruple bypass. That took like a week out of my life. Well more than that. There of course was the lead up to it. It was super crazy. He is doing well, making progress, but that was a pretty scary time.  My mom was pretty strong throughout the whole scary thing and of course when my dad comes out of it he tells me that he was glad I was there for my mom. Never thinking of himself. I am just glad he is recovering, I wish he would make some lifestyle changes, but we all know how hard that is.

So that is why I have been so busy... Crazy times that have caused me to be so busy that I had some real slacking issues on the whole quilting front. Come back tomorrow and see what I have actually accomplished... well sort of...

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