Monday, May 30, 2011

Grand plans for sewing fall short

This was a 4 day weekend for me. Friday was a furlough day. Then of course the weekend. Plus Memorial day.

My thoughts were: Friday = report cards/clean/organize sew, Saturday = pick up husband from San Francisco Airport have fun there, Sunday = Hangout with Hubby/regular weekend stuff/work project/Sewing, Monday = Sewing/finishing up laundry/work project.

Well, that didn't happen. I did get a little of everything, but I really fell short on accomplishing any of my goals.
Here is my one finish for the weekend.

Twist on Tradition May bee block-1.jpg

This is how my weekend really went. Husband came home early (yippy). I didn't have to pick him up since there was a flight change.

Friday = hung out with hubby, started the laundry, visited the husbands family, went fabric shopping, worked on report cards late into the night (typed over 3,000 words in the comment section).

Saturday = kinda cleaned, organized my fabric, vacuumed


Sunday = normal weekend stuff, husband reminded me I better work on my work project, cut lots and lots of fabric for bees and other projects. Feet got tried. Took a bath.

Work in progress May-5.jpg

Monday =  Thought about cutting more fabric. Ironed (fabric of course). Decided to really cleaned, whole house clean except for vacuum. Finished two bee blocks. Went to celebration dinner (sis-in-laws boyfriend got a promotion), had family over.

Work in progress May-1.jpg

And here we are again at my only finish for the weekend.

Twist on Tradition May bee block-3.jpg

This one was done earlier in the week

Twist on Tradition May bee block-2.jpg

These will be out in the mail tomorrow and hopefully so will the other bee block I had planned on finishing.

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