Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work in Progress Week #35

Sorry I have been hiding. I have been very busy since last wednesday. I had ever intention of posting what I have been up to, but have been running out of time. And I have been spending time finishing up my bee blocks that are due to mail in 3 days. Oh and by the way if just one more person decides to follow me I will be hosting another giveaway, because I think 70 is a great number :).

On to my week in progress.

Completed projects:
I am done with my 4 x 5 modern bee blocks:

4 x 5 modern bee

4 x 5 modern bee

I would love to say that these are going out in the mail tomorrow, but it is too late for me too address them tonight and I can't access flickr from my work, darn internet filtering, so more than likely they will go out on Friday. 

Oh and I spent all weekend with my husband.... cleaning. We cleaned the room he was using for his office. Moved my office around and added his office furniture to my office and moved all my sewing and crafting stuff into his old office (a spare bedroom). So the good part is I have a sewing room I can close the door on. So far it hasn't been bad sharing an office, we will see how this goes :)

I didn't do anything with these: 

3 x 6 bee - I don't think I will sign up next time, I just have too many projects going on, but these will be in the mail by the 15th.

Embroidery 101 Quilt Along -  All 9 blocks are done.  Two blocks even have the embroidery done. I have even started another one. The worst part is the quilt along has all 9 blocks done. I totally slacked on this one.

Embroidery 101 progress

Kaleidoscopic quilt along - My kites are sewn, just not pressed.

Kaleidoscope kites

Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild's Kona Challenge - I have decided to add one more row, just haven't got to it yet. 

Kona Challenge Quilts Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild

Central Park Kit - Nada, haven't even looked at the box. But I did make a tutorial for my bee mates to make me some blocks for the back :)

Kit for Central Park Quilt

Prairie Claw Quilt blocks - umm yeah... I have been thinking of this one. Does that count?

praire claw-5.jpg

UFOs -

Scrappy Bear
Halloween Quilt (I will finish this before Halloween)
Christmas Hexagon table runner and pillows
Loves road quilt * to be discussed later

This week's stats:
Yeah can't even think about that right now!

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  1. have a lot on your plate...I feel the same way.

    I had to smile at you Clover & Violet comments! I'm a block behind and thought I was bad...she's already putting the quilt together! boohoo! I've just been non-stop busy...when will life slow down.

    Not today...time to check the laundry! bye

  2. Sigh... isn't it crazy when you look at it all written out? That's why I only write out the whole list every once in a while. The embroidery blocks will come in time. I love your bee blocks.

  3. Love your 4x5 blocks! The colors really pop! And yes, thinking of something totally counts. : ) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!


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