Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Work in Progress Week #40

Another week an no quilting/sewing finishes. This is all I have accomplished when it comes to quilting/sewing. Sigh.

Embroidery 101 block 3 progress

I did however, clean my whole house for company tomorrow. If you saw yesterdays post, you saw the kind of detail I am talking about when I say I cleaned the whole house.

Oven before and after

Yes, that did include the oven. It also included, almost all the cabinets, drawers and closets. Right now I am in the process of doing all the bedding, including all the duvet covers and pillow covers. BTW I am often lazy and don't put on the nice duvet covers and fancy pillows. They just hide in the guest room until I need them.

The only room I have left my sewing room... awwh the sewing room.

Messy sewing room

I would show more pictures, but no one needs to see that. I have been collecting all my random crafting crap and just throwing it in there.

All the while knowing that the whole room needed to be cleaned any ways because Gus (the fabric eating german shepherd dog) got in there one day when I was in work. Here just a small picture of the aftermath of his destruction.

 After math of the fabric eating dog

Lets just say I found a Neptune charm pack wrapper with out fabric in it and I thought I was going to have a major melt down. However, lucky for the dog, and  for me, the fabric got caught under something heavy and he only got the wrapper out.

At least I still have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday left of my break. Maybe, just maybe, I will get some crafting time in. Plus in a hour or so I will even have a cleaning sewing room to work in. So that should help!

PS. Happy Early Turkey Day!
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  1. Okay, my heart skipped a beat when I thought you lost your Neptune fabric! Awesome job on the cleaning - very admirable. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving... Your oven is admirable clean. Too bad it needs to be cleaned again after the turkey *LOL*

    I like your stiches. Did you draw/design it yourself?

  3. One of our dogs love the taste of Brillo pads. I'm pretty sure Bella has talked Callie into opening the cabinet doors to get thing. We know have baby locks on cabniets and no babies. I would cry if either of them ate fabric. P.S. What did you use to clean your oven? It looks so good.


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