Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Work in Progress #43

I did make a little progress on some mug rugs this week.


This one just need binding. I am not in love with the binding above so that won't be happening again!


Here is some cheater applique pieces for another one.


And then I have I don't know 3 or 4 more to make after that. What was I thinking telling my husband about these, when he has room full of tea drinkers as office mates.

But mostly I have been blog giveaway hopping. I have giveaway going on right now. BTW, welcome new blog followers I hope you choose to stick around!

The first is for this Kona Solid charm pack.


The second is for this Soiree charm pack. Enter soon, before it is too late.

Thanks to everyone who voted for my donors choose project. It got funded this morning! No more having to hear about it.

Speaking of work only 1 1/2 more days and it is winter break! I am so, so ready for it. Plus I need time to sew!

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