Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh my and Welcome + a quick finish

I woke up this morning with about a dozen emails from Craftsy. I thought... hmm what is this all about. New followers and likes and huh. Then I got to the weekly newsletter from them.

And look it is me. I just can't believe I was featured in the Craftsy newsletter for my goose zag block. Thank you Craftsy for featuring me and Thanks everyone for stopping by from them and to the new followers who I am sure have made their way here from that newsletter/my Craftsy project page.

Now for a really quick finish. I need a quick finish. I have been working on my Carnival blocks for so long that I feel like nothing is getting done. So last night I made this really simple quilted coaster.

Cute little coaster

It is made from a scrap of AMH fabric, some random scrap of cream fabric, and a little scrap of batting. 1/4 inch seam all around. Flipped inside out. Top stitched and free-motioned following the flower design. Awwh it is nice to have at least one finish.  Plus it was super easy and turned out super cute!

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  1. Well deserved! Love this Block!

  2. that block is awesome! and love your cute coaster - those are such fun, quick projects :)

  3. Awesome! It's always so nice to get some recognition :)


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