Thursday, October 11, 2012

Work in Progress and the fabric eating dog

Ok so it is not Wednesday, but I actually did have work in progress that I wanted to share. First off, I have been working on one of my monthly goals. I almost have the border on my Geese in the Park Quilt.  Just two more 71 inch sides to go.

WIP Geese in the Park

I also had a a sudden epiphany  in the car. When I shared my most recently completed baby quilt for Felix, I also shared that the older sister Sophia had confiscated the quilt and, as many of you have stated, I may have to make her a quilt of her own. Well, I don't have much time before the baby gets here and I wasn't sure if I was up to starting a whole new project... when I suddenly realized I have a quilt that is basically done sitting in my UFO pile.

Love Road Quilt 1

 My loves road quilt has been a work in progress for over 10 years ok more like 12. It is perfect pink and purple and white quilt. What little girl wouldn't want it? (Don't answer that) There was only one problem. I had taken this with me to quilt when I rented the long arm, but I forgot the thread. And then one horrible day Gus got made and Gus opened my plastic storage bin pulled every thing out along with this quilt.

Gus Damage to loves Road

What you can't quite see what the problem is. Let's just take a closer look.

Gus Damage to loves Road

Well, I think we can all see the problem here is I that have a fabric eating German Shepherd. And of course the quilt top was folded so there is a bite out of each corner.

Now this is a huge problem. As you can see it wasn't like he got one block he actually ate two and two in each corner for a total of 8 ruined blocks. This happened at the end of last year. I wasn't able to figure out a solution other than taking the whole thing apart and making it smaller, as I don't have any 12 year old fabric in big enough pieces to fix the issue. I also thought about putting heart patches on but then there would be four hearts in each corner and that just made me think of a playing card. So I shoved it in my UFO box and forgot about it, ok tried to forget about it.

But then in the car on Monday night I realized.... Hey! I could just take it apart and make it smaller and it would be Sofia sized. She how much different that sounds then the other... Ok maybe not so much so, but it was a much better solution.

WIP Loves Road

Because this makes me incredible happy for two reasons. One because it gets one of my UFO taken care of. Two, and most importantly, I get to give Sofia a quilt. Since she was born before I ever met my friend Anna I didn't get a chance to make Sofia a baby quilt, which means she is the only kid in her family that doesn't have a quilt from me. Which kind of makes me said. See I adore Sofia and her little adorable voice yelling Jenn as she runs to give me a hug. I just can't wait to get this quilt and give it to her. I think my Love's Road quilt is a perfect little girl happiness quilt and the size is just perfect now.

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  1. Thank goodness my dogs don't chew my quilts...wait, give them time! Great save, I'm sure Sofia will love it.

  2. Gosh, I can relate to pups eating fabric, but what a nice save! It's nice to get a finish and yes that is a most adorable quilt for a little girl! Awesome!

  3. What a great solution and what a beautiful quilt!

  4. Aw. I'm glad you get to give Sofia a quilt after all. It was meant to be!

  5. checking to see if I am a no reply blogger again.


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