Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello March!

Yep it is time to set some goals again.

Last month I did pretty well. I finished a couple UFOs and made some bee blocks. You can see more here, but lets look at the details :)

So here were last month's goals: 

1. Quilt my zigzagged quilt.  - Finished!
2. Finish everything for my Bees and Swaps. That will be a total of 4 blocks and 1 pretty little pouch.  Finished these too. I really liked the little pouch.
3. Keep working out cutting out the patchwork prism quilt. * I was able to cut out everything but the greens. Mostly because I need some more green. 

This month I want to: 
1. Start and finish my new quilt. I haven't named it yet but it will be from Simplify With Camille Roskelley: Quilts for the Modern Home. This particular goal is my lovely year of finishes goal.

New fabric for a new quilt for @sewkatiejean

2. Continue working on my sister-in-laws wedding quilt. I would like most of center blocks done by the end of the month.

First block of Nikki and Paul's wedding quilt is done!

3. Finish cutting out the patchwork prism quilt. That means ordering some green fabrics. I have lots of light greens. I just need some medium value greens. 

Back to cutting out my patchwork prism quilt. #quilting

4. Finish and mail my bee blocks on-time.

5. Make my hexagon Christmas pillowcases to go with the Hexagon Christmas Table Runner I finished last week.

On a non-sewing related notes -

5. I want to plant my garden. I amended the soil today in both all of my square foot garden boxes and I gave fertilizer to my roses, camellias, and citrus trees. Tomorrow I am hoping to get some seeds in the ground while I impatiently wait for the others to arrive :)


6. Continue working out

This seems like some big goals to me, but I do have spring break at the end of the month. So hopefully I can accomplish this. However, I do have a busy weekend next week so we will see. 

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  1. You have a lot going on! We need to get started on our garden too! Good luck with everything :)

  2. You have a long list to accomplish. You are going to be busy as a bee! I love the fabrics you chose for your new quilt.

  3. Lovely list of goals.

    Thank you for linking back to my blog and joining the Monthly To Do List Party. I would appreciate a sentence in your post telling about the linky party though so your friends can read about it. :)


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