Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gray Jungle Bungle

This is a super cute quilt for a colleague. Well actually a colleagues soon to be first grandchild.

Jungle Bungle Repeat

While I was the student learning coach, Kathy and I worked closely together as we trained the staff on our new curriculum. Of course working closely together means you learn lots about that person. Kathy learned that I quilted. So of course when she found out she was going to be a grandma, she requested a commissioned quilt.

Jungle Bungle Repeat

She said that the nursery was going to be gray and yellow and the mom loved elephants. So of course I had to show her jungle bungle and once she saw my original jungle bungle quilt she wanted a repeat. Normally, I don't do repeats. However. I made an exception and I am glad I did.

Jungle Bungle Repeat

Kathy was so happy with the quilt. That of course made me happy. The new momma and daddy were happy.. So all around happiness is a good thing.

Jungle Bungle Repeat

I actually finished this quilt right before school started up again. I just haven't really felt like posting. I know.. I know... slacker :) I wish I could say, that I am getting back into the flow of things and that I will be back to quilting and blogging... but we will see.

Jungle Bungle Repeat

Quilt Stats:
Name: Gray Jungle Bungle 
Size: 35" x 35" 
Fabrics:  Jungle bungle charm pack and yardage 
BindingJungle Bungle multi dots lime
Quilting: Free Motion Quilting - Loop-dee-loos 
Completed: August 2012

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  1. This is SUPER CUTE. I love Bungle Jungle. That was sweet of your friend to think of you and ask you to make this for her.

  2. I love this little quilt! Great pattern!

  3. It was like Bungle Jungle was just made as the perfect fabric for you colleague's request!! I love it when there's a perfect fabric! Great finish.


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