Sometimes I think cooking can be just as much as a creative outlet as anything else. Here is my collection of recipes I have shared on this blog.


  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012

    When did you make these, and why didn't I get any? ;-) YUMMY looking! -Noelle

  2. The strawberries were memorial day with James and his family. He usually can't eat dessert because most aren't gluten free. So I made these. They were super yummy. I will make them again if you want them. Maybe we should have a BBQ before summer is over for us.

  3. If I were near you I'd be over for the lot, My youngest girl loves Boorburries.... (strawberries), and cheesecake, and cream, and biscuits, and chocolate... she has a sweet tooth! LOL
    Janey x

    1. Thanks, and so do I. And after looking at this page, I think I may need to make those again very soon.


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