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December Goals

I guess since it is December it would be a great time to look back at my sewing/quilting goals for this year and see how I did. I actually had to do two post at the beginning of the year about my goals, because I missed some projects as I was cleaning out my sewing room. The first post had 24 Unfinished Object/ Not Started Projects and the second post brought that number up to 27.  I have a feeling it isn't so great, but lets take a look back anyhow.

Here are my UFOs that I found in January of this year.
Goals 2012-001.jpg

Here are my Not Started projects that were hiding in my sewing room.

Goals 2012 Not Started Projects.jpg

And some random projects from my project box. There are some repeats from above but I was too lazy to figure out what was what. I don't know how that happens.

Goals 2012-003.jpg

I did finish 4 projects this year. In no particular order

Goals 2012-007.jpg

And made great progress on two more UFOs.

Goals 2012-008.jpg
No picture of the embroidery 101 progress to share. Sorry!

I don't know that doesn't seem like that much progress made on all all of my UFOs and NSPs. Just 4 finishes and two with progress made.   That about 20% that I have even made a dent in. However, there has been a lot of unplanned on progress this year. I think for next I need to be a little more reasonable than 27 random project. However, it is kind of nice to know what is hiding in my sewing room. Too bad I have added additional projects this year. Oh wells, I will have to think about that as the new year come.

So, lets just start with this month. My just three goals have seemed to be working, well sort of. At least I am thinking about doing just three things. Not that it works out that way. However, since it at least keeps it on my mind, I am going to keep going with that. Last month I decided to ...

November goals:
1. Finish the zig zag quilt. This is a lofty goal, but seeing as I have a furlough day, Veteran's day, and a week for Thanksgiving break I am going to try to get this one done.

work in progress zig zagged quilt

Everything is cut up and the big zigzags are done.
2. Finish and mail 4 x 5 modern bee blocks.  

4 x 5 Modern Quilt Bee Blocks

Finished and already mailed. So proud of myself for not being late on this one.
3. Finish another block from the embroidery 101 quilt along that I did not finish by the end of the quilt along. Maybe even start a new block.

Didn't even work on that one. Instead I made hexies on the couch. I did however thing about grabbing my embroidery when I was stuck on the couch sick, but the hexies just called to me.

Sigh... Not as much progress as I would have liked, but at least there was progress. For this month I am going to make it simple (HAHA) since I have a whole bunch of projects to get ready for Christmas.

1. Finish all Christmas projects for others. I think I have about 3 or 4 to do. I will probably add more knowing me. Can't tell what each one is or some people might figure it out :)
2. Finish zigzag quit. It needs to be done. See above picture since this is a continued goal.
3. Participate in the

Sew Sweetness
The fabric just came yesterday, I got the pattern last month, and I really want to make this dress by the link up. I had hoped to have made some progress, like make it out of muslin, but I haven't yet. Today, I will be picking up some paper scissors so I can cut it out :) The link up date is the 20th so hopefully it will be done by then.

There we go those are my three goals. And all of them are on a time deadline. Ekk. I better get busy!
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  1. GOOD LUCK!!!! There is still lots of December left!!!!


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