Friday, December 28, 2012

Improv pillow

The Christmas/ the holiday fan fare is finally over here at our house. Everyone has gone home and all that is left to do is clean up and look forward to the New Year.

I have been wanting to post about this pillow for a while now. I even posted this instagram picture on December 15 and actually finished the next day.

Trying improv piecing for the first time #quilting

However, getting ready for family coming over for Christmas, got in the way of any blog type posting. It also got in my way of finishing the dress I wanted to make and wear for Christmas. Oh well. I think I always plan to much and then never get anything finished. 

Back to the pillow. I think it turned out super cute. I really like improv piecing. For me improv piecing  felt a little bit liberating and a little bit stressful at the same time. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. For me not having a plan was a bit nerve racking, but it turned out super cute. This was also my first invisible zipper and I really like the way it turned out. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

improv pillow for gramps

The funniest part was when I showed it to my husband and he told me my seams were not straight. I had to inform him that they were all straight just cut at angles and that it was supposed to be that way. I think got an oh that's nice.. I don't think he got it.

This pillow is for gramps' bed.  I also made some matching pillowcase, which I made a tutorial on if you want to make your own customized store bought pillows

Customized Pillowcase-16.jpg

All of this was to match his quilt that I made him this summer for his birthday. 

Gramps Quilt in his room

I can't wait to see it all on his bed, and see how all of it came together. 


  1. The pillow is awesome!!

    I like the colors you chose for the quilt and pillowcases for your Gramps:)

  2. Your improv pillow turned out great, Jenn!

  3. You did a great job with the pillow. I may have to try that. I have been wanting to make a longer pillow.

  4. Cool pillow! My hubby makes helpful comments like that, too.... Whoop whoop!

  5. Very nice... the pillow cases were a thoughtful touch !

  6. I love the pillow AND the quilt! I'm so glad to be your newest follower, your blog is great:)


  7. Love those quilts they are fantastic. Thanks for linking up.

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