Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Total slacker

So these last few months not only have a been a total slacker on the whole blogging front, but I have also been a total slacker on the whole quilting thing. If you missed the picture of my craft room from my post yesterday, here is the disaster I have created with my oh so busy life and my total slacking.

Craft room exploded

If we take a closer look you can see I did accomplish a few things. I finished two bee blocks late both for my Sunday Morning Quilt bee.

Sunday Morning Quilt Bee

The first was giant. It was ok, but it just showed me no matter how cute I think ticker tape quilts are I will never be making one for myself.

Sunday Morning Quilt Bee

The second one, she asked for blues and yellows... These were the only ones I could find in my stash. I finished this one on time, but it is still sitting in my pile to mail.

To be mailed

Yes all of this is a month or more late into the mail. Some of those are fat quarters I owe for a swap I was in.

Plus I still need to finish one more block for that bee. Naughty bee mate that I am.

Sunday Morning Quilt Bee

Oh and I totally didn't tell you all that I won a silhouette, seriously how could I not share such exciting news as that.


I also finished a commissioned quilt. I will share more about that later. I think this is enough for now. I am hoping that admitting I have had a problem will be the first step to solving it, because if I don't start quilting again, I will continue to be stressed and I will never finish the million and one projects I have.

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  1. your life sounds crazy busy! It really is okay to just be a slow sewer and a slow blogger - just work on a project you love and don't give yourself deadlines :-)

  2. Jenniffier, I thank you for posting the pictures of the sewing room! This is so the reality we mostly do not share with others ( especially outside the quilting community) . I showed the pic from last post to my parents to make them understand what kind of mess I tend to get myself ( and my sewing room) into.... I said: "Look, it is like this, but way worse!" They could not understand it... Well I surely know what a sewing room like yours feels like! I do not mind cleaning my sewing room. Strange how I really dislike cleaning ANY other room in my house, LOL! When the room is clean again, I start getting it messy again by pullong fanrics for new projects. Circle of sewing?
    Bye bye
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