About Me

Hi, I am Jenniffier. 

I am teacher and I currently a Teacher on Special Assignment - Instructional Support (which basically means I coach teachers on instructional strategies). I have spent most of my teaching career working as a kindergarten. first grade, or fourth grade teacher. I also recently became a Jamberry Independent Consultant because I really have a slight addiction to Jamberry wraps and their other products too (jenniffier.jamberry.com).

I have two beautiful German Shepherd Dogs named Suzie and Gus.

And a loving husband name Randall. We were married December 21, 2008. 

I started quilting in my teens, but took a long break go to school and to become a teacher. I have really just started quilting again in 2009.

I was a founding member and the first president for the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild.

I began this blog to document my quilting, photography, life and so forth. I hope you enjoy reading about what I create and every other random rambling I choose to post about. 

To read my journey as a quilter, before this blog began, then just click the links below. 
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